Important of long-term healthcare insurance

long-term healthcare insurance
Healthcare Insurance

Health insurance is basically an insurance plan that lowers the risk of medical expenses that are incurred among a large group of individuals. A routine structure of finance is developed by an insurer who at first estimates the risk in an overall manner. This includes the expenses of the several expenses of the health care provided among the groups that are targeted. The mentioned finance structure includes the tax of payroll. This ensures that the insurance agreement will pay for the benefits of health care that are already mentioned in the agreement.

National Health Service in UK

The National Health Service in UK (NHS) is a health care system that is funded publicly and is available to any person who is a resident in the UK. But this is not an insurance system in strict sense of the term. This is for several factors. The first factor is the premium collected that is null. Also the second factor is that the patient level costs are not charged. However this form of insurance does spread the risk of finance that arises from the ill health. In UK the large proportion of the health care services are provided by the NHS. This includes the ophthalmology, primary health care, dentistry and many more.

Private health care

Parallel to the continuation of the NHS, the private sector in the health care business has also flourished. But the popularity of such type of insurance is much little covering only 8% of the availing population. This lowered popularity is mainly due to the exclusion of several illnesses that are not covered by the private sector insurance. Some examples can be cited in this regard. The cost of pregnancy is not covered by the private sector. Even if it is covered then also certain restricting clauses are provided.

Other typical illnesses that are avoided by the schemes of several insurance policies including the Bupa are: ageing, allergic disorders, birth control, convalescence, deafness, HRT, dental disorders, bone densitometry, sleep disorders, respiratory disabilities, HIV, preventive treatment and several others.

Health care companies

There are a large number of companies in the United Kingdom like the AXA, Groupama Healthcare, Aviva etc that cater to the needs of the general public who require the health care solutions and these companies very aptly provide help to their customers.

Policy statements

The British medical association which is the main body of the British Medical physicians had taken up a policy in the year 2009 which states the concern regarding the developments of the insurance policies provided by the health care systems in the UK. In the several meetings that were taken up by the BMA it stated their concern regarding the inability of the patients to fully access their rights to these policies of health care insurance that are provide by the companies. It also high lighted that the NHS offers a list of hospitals that are to be chosen by the patients and also the consultants and thereby does not charge for the several services that it provides.

According to the study undertaken by the World Health Organization, about 86% of the health care services in the UK are funded by the government until the year 2004.