How to make your pension go further


Once one hits the age of 35, he or she starts worrying about his pension and how his or her old age will be. Due to this reason, many people start saving for the event, while others look for other alternatives to handle the matter at hand. Nevertheless, although many people are worried about their future at old age, the government of the United Kingdom has is special programs implemented to make sure all the old people are taken care of well. However, this cannot be enough especially if you are looking for ways in which you will have a better life at old age. This is the reason why you need to look out for plans that will help you make your pension go further. Here are a few ways on how to do the same


The easiest way to make your pension go further during old age is saving for the future. At 40, most people mainly focus on how they will be able to educate their children, forgetting that they too need to be taken care off after they have retired. Under the government legislation, one should retire at the age of 52, and after this age, one is entitled to a pension to sustain him or her and keep him going. However, most people have indicated that pension money is not at all enough for their sustenance, hence the reason why saving is the only option.

First, you might need to open a separate account with your bank, where you will be saving all the cash you will need in the future. To help you commit to this, you need to make a standing order for a certain amount of money to be redirected to the account at the end of the month, ideally the day when you receive your salary. This will help you to save some more cash to use alongside your pension, and this will make it go a few more months.

Apply for an equity release

Equity release is the process in which pension money is released to an annuity firm, where you can state the amount of money to be send or paid to you during retirement. However, for you to be on the safe side, you will need to contribute more money to top up on your pension income, as a way of ensuring you receive enough money to spend during your old age.

Equity release has helped many people in the UK to understand and be able to stand on their own after retirement, as it gives them enough money to last them for months, hustle free. If you are yet to apply for an equity release, and foresee that your pension money might be worth peanuts, this is the time you need to take the action.  However, before you can apply for equity release with any firm, it would be advisable for you to window shop for companies that do offer such services, and look into their terms closely. Nevertheless, once you have settled on a company providing the same, you will be better placed to make your pension go further.